Feel like a fry-up?

The new Winston Low Pressure Fryer, now available in the UK from Jestic Express, is aimed at butchers who are looking into fast food opportunities.

The Fryer can cook chicken fillets, hot wings and potato wedges and is capable of cooking up to 36 pieces of chicken at a time. The Winston Low Pressure Fryer's computerised controls allow different products and loads to be memorised, thereby ensuring consistent quality, said the firm.

Available with a range of specialised baskets for cooking chicken pieces, chicken fillets and potato wedges, the unit is manufactured from stainless steel and is available in either a single, ready-to-buy unit or a three-piece set.

A special 'Combo Unit' is also available, which features a fryer, a mobile filter that sits beneath it and a complete accessory kit, including one clamshell basket, one lid gasket, one long collector, one pair of gloves, two collector gaskets, one Teflon cleaning brush, one heat plate and one drain hook. Other accessories include filter papers and a fillet chicken basket.

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