Eblex accuses McCartney of 'outdated' eco claims

Meat bosses have hit out at vegetarian campaigner Sir Paul McCartney for 'recycling' outdated information.

In an interview with the national press over the weekend, McCartney, who continues to push his Meat Free Monday campaign, stated that the UN was urging the planet to go vegetarian and continued to highlight that organisation’s report, Livestock’s Long Shadow, claiming the livestock industry was responsible for more greenhouse gases than transport.

Nick Allen, Eblex sector director, said: "It is unfortunate that Sir Paul McCartney continues to recycle outdated information.

"The United Nations agreed some months ago that comparisons between emissions from transport and from livestock production in its Livestock’s Long Shadow report cannot be directly compared because there was different methodology in arriving at the figures.

"Therefore, to keep repeating that, globally, livestock is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than transport either means Sir Paul is not up to speed on the latest developments in this field, which detracts somewhat from his authority on this issue, or else he is ignoring the information because it no longer appears to support his cause.

"As we have said before, the issue of livestock and climate change is a complex one, which the English meat industry is already addressing head-on. Simplistic, celebrity-endorsed campaigns, such as Meat Free Mondays, only serve to muddy the waters for consumers."

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