CCTV 'must be in every abattoir' says Janan Meat

CCTV should be installed in all slaughterhouses to ensure animal welfare, according to a leading halal supplier.

Naved Syed of Janan Meat was speaking after meeting MLC Services CEO Peter Phythian and said he believes that all abattoirs, not only halal, should embrace CCTV at their killing stations.

Syed said that, during the briefing with Phythian, he made it clear that any footage from cameras should be made available to customers such as supermarkets, manufacturers and wholesalers, to ensure their contract specifications were being met by the operators.

“Every abattoir in Britain should have closed-circuit television cameras installed, whether they are slaughtering halal or not, to ensure the highest health, hygiene and animal welfare standards,” he said.

Syed also felt CCTV would benefit halal suppliers as it “will ensure that farm animals have a ‘painless and humane’ end to their lives and also end the myth that halal slaughtering is barbaric”.

Phythian added that the meeting with Syed went well and said that while CCTV was a good option to have, it was up to individuals whether or not to have the cameras installed on their site.

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