MTJ Extra Comment: Tell them butchers are best

It's nice to see some positive news for the butchery sector this month, with a big thumbs-up from the authorities on the quality of butchers' mince vs supermarkets', and QMS reporting a pleasing rise in the number of shops.

Perhaps the two aren't completely unconnected consumers are clearly beginning to identify the benefits of shopping at a butcher. And there has been plenty of coverage to help push that message through. The BBC's One Show carried a report on the role of butchers on the high street recently, which highlighted the important benefits they bring to the retail experience. While the programme suffered somewhat from having an interview with the editor of the UK's leading meat magazine edited out (alright, let's be honest, it was probably improved), it shows there is an increasing focus coming back on to butchery.

Meanwhile, The Times newspaper has published a list of what it thinks are the 10 best butchers in the business, and the BBC is continuing to boost the trade's profile with its Chop Idol programme. One could almost argue that butchery has not just turned a corner, but is heading back up the hill. All this is great news and the message that consumers can get top quality at the butcher is clearly beginning to filter through. It's up to the trade to maximise the opportunity this gives us and keep reminding the customers butchers are best!

While I'm on the topic of excellence, don't forget to enter our Butcher's Shop of the Year competition. What better way to get the message out to your customers than to be crowned the best business in the UK?

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