Nella Cutlery's Sharpening Service

Nella Cutlery Services is offering  a unique two-week free trial for its knife-sharpening exchange to all new customers throughout the UK.

The offer extends to 25 types of knives in a variety of sizes and widths, allowing Nella to provide the correct solution to businesses of all types and sizes.

At the end of the two week trial, new customers are assigned to a delivery route and driver, and given the option of a weekly, fortnightly or monthly service dependent on the demands and requirements of their business. The delivery and exchange of the required knives will then take place on a regular basis, ensuring the customer always has sharp quality knives to use.

Geoff Sayer of Geoff Sayer Butchers, Lewisham, who has used Nella Cutlery Services for the last  40 years, said: “Nella combines excellent products, with a first-class delivery service. Ensuring we always have sharp knives means we have fewer accidents and are able to maintain high levels of productivity.”

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