Statistics and lies

The misuse of statistics and mangling of facts to paint the meat industry as the source of all evil by veggie campaigners makes my blood boil.

We regularly have to put up with discredited science and factually dubious statements making the claim that meat is responsible for everything from the end of the world to testicular cancer.

Of particular irritation is the way a lot of these supposedly avid vegetarians cling to the claim that meat production is responsible for 18% of global emmissions, despite the fact the authors of that figure, from the UN report Livestock's Long Shadow, have admitted the figures are based on unfair comparisons and require revision. Not to mention the fact 18% is an arbitary figure and bears no relation to the production figures for the UK market, for example.

I don't believe for a minute that McCartney and his mates have missed that announcement, yet they still continue to trot out the same inaccurate facts and figures.

We need to find a way to neutralise that claim their statements have the ability to damage our industry. Surely the fact that they are inaccurate, if not completely untrue in many ways, leaves us options to go on the attack.

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