Meat from cloned bulls can be sold in UK, says EU

Meat from the offspring of two cloned bulls on a Scots farm can be legally sold into the UK food chain according to the European Commission.

European chief have said special UK licensing rules did not apply to the calves.
The Department for Food, Environment and Rural Affairs (Defra) said they were looking to learn lessons from the recent incident, and were working with the Food Standards Agency (FSA) to see whether there is a need to improve advice to farmers. A spokesperson described it as a "complex" area of regulation.

Farmer Steven Innes, of Auldearn, near Inverness commented: "I would definitely feed the meat to my children and I don't think there is anybody who looked into it that wouldn't."

Innes can now include the heifers with cloned heritage in his dairy herd. He said: "This is what we've been led to believe from the start. There's no issue with it."

"Some people we speak to think that we're walking about with white coats on, with test tubes, and we're actually making the cows; that we add a few chemicals together and nine months later we get a fully-grown cow out of a test tube.

"Actually, it's implanted into a normal cow just the same as an embryo would be, the same gestation period, and then the cow gives birth to 100% normal calf just as a natural calf would be born.

"They think the cow's been genetically modified to end up with some machine that can produce vast amounts of milk or vast amounts of meat that's not natural, which is not the case.

Under European law, foodstuffs including milk produced from cloned animals must pass a safety evaluation and gain authorisation before they are marketed.

Innes owns 96 second-generation offspring of a cloned cow, and could look to sell his milk as a speciality product, if the rules would allow it.

Innes was at the heart of the cloned meat row earlier this month after it was discovered that meat from one of his bulls entered the food chain, despite being bred from a cloned cow. The FSA subsequently investigated the matter.

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