Princess Anne elected Master of the Worshipful Company of Butchers’
Published:  10 September, 2010

HRH The Princess Royal has been elected Master of the Worshipful Company of Butchers’ at the Company’s annual meeting, Common Hall.

Her election is in succession to Jeffrey Davies. Thanking the Company she said she was very much looking forward to the year and hoped to attend as many functions as possible.

Acknowledging the tradition and history that goes with the role of Master she went on to say that it had been an historic year for the Company with it also having the 682nd Lord Mayor of London, Nicholas Anstee, as one of its members. The Company had risen to support his year of office. Mr Anstee was unable to attend the Common Hall ceremony but sent his good wishes to the new Master.

Livery Companies continue to play an important role in the City of London and, of course, in charitable giving, the Master said, with the Butchers’ Company having had a very successful fund raising year for Treloars, a school for young people with disabilities that she had visited.

Turning to one of the Company’s other remits, education, the new Master said she really did believe that there was a lot to be gained from having a butchery school in the Smithfield area of London, the planning of which is ongoing. While there was still much to do such a school would be worthwhile if it could be set up.

Welcoming Her Royal Highness to Common Hall the outgoing Master Jeffrey Davies said the Company was very proud that she had accepted the role of Master.

The past year had been a remarkable one, he said, with the Butchers’ Company playing a prominent role in the Lord Mayor’s election, show and banquet. There had been a successful ladies banquet at Mansion House and a charity fund-raising dinner had been a resounding success, raising £50,000 for Treloar’s School.

He hoped that the year had brought a measure of fresh thinking, strategy and purpose to the Company’s role as one of the City’s leading liveries.

Three members retired from the Company’s management board, the Court – William Parker, Robert Ensor and Alan Gibson, and three joined – Margaret Boanas, Ian Mackway and Andrew Parker.

Liveryman Jean Sawdon proposed thanks to Court members for their work over the past year and Alan Gibson responded on behalf the Court.

Common Hall had been preceded by the Company’s annual church service at The Priory Church of St Bartholomew the Great in West Smithfield.

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