What is your product and what does it do?

The Thermocode IQ is an online coding system for printing time and date codes, bar codes and graphics on all types of packaging material, including meat and fresh produce wraps. It can be retrofitted on to most label applicators and vertical form, fill and seal machines.


Who is it aimed at?

The printer is aimed at food packers and others who wish to print date, batch, lot and bar codes on to packaging film or labels. However, it is also widely used in the manufacturing industry for similar applications.


When was it launched?

The printer has an official press launch at the Churchill War Rooms in September and will be demonstrated at various exhibitions this autumn.


How will it improve someone's business?

The Thermocode IQ is simple to operate via its colour touchscreen and, with its longer ribbon capacity, reduces production down time. Also, it works through the use of stepper motors, therefore negating the need for compressed air, which ultimately reduces production costs, offers greater accuracy and some environmental advantages in terms of energy consumption.


How much does the product cost and what services do you offer?

The Thermocode IQ costs £5,300. Along with the printer, we can also manufacture customised frames for retrofitting to existing equipment. We also provide customers with full technical support, including software and ongoing printer consumables.

Thermocode IQ is a result of our experience and understanding of customer requirements. It is a reliable coder with a low cost of ownership.

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