Legal rows delay P&B Pyne's new Somerset venture

Malcolm Pyne's new 1.3m shopping development has been delayed by legal arguments over local highway rights and is unlikely to open until next summer.

The planned store, combining butchery, fish market and vegetable shop from the P&B Pyne owner, has a capacity of 7,500sq ft although an initial 750sq ft will sell meat only.

The store building work was supposed to start in May, to be finished in October for a November opening. "There have been a lot of issues," said Pyne. "Nothing has been straightforward, and we keep getting knocked back. But at least it has given me time to really negotiate with the builders. They cannot rush me into anything!"

The store is next to a major new development of 15,000 homes, close to the entrance to the South West Livestock Market.

"It is a gamble," said Pyne, "but I'm just moving my business towhere people are going be. You can be the best business on earth, but get nowhere now, because people want you on their doorstep. So I'm going to their doorstep."

The new outlet will also comprise two shutters on the side of one of the buildings, serving local tea and coffee blended in Somerset, along with hot sandwiches and pies and faggots made on the premises. "We won't have burger in a bun or bacon butties," said Pyne.

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