butcher's new kit
Published:  01 October, 2010

Butcher Malcolm Pyne, owner of P&B Pyne in Somerset, has a favourite piece of new kit a Keros 8115 dishwasher.

"There's a ridiculous local bylaw that says we're not allowed to employ any schoolboy of any age, even 15 or 16. They're not allowed to work in kitchens or butchers. I've taken it up with the Federation and the local MP but it still stands. So a kid can go out at 5am doing a paper round in all elements and any nutter could be out there. But we can't employ them in a supervised environment. It just doesn't make sense.

"Anyway, we've bought this piece of equipment as a result. It takes two massive contract trays at once and washes for between one and three minutes. It's not a dustbin you can't leave half a pound of sausage meat on a plate. But you just swill it around and put it in.

"It's fantastic. I used to have a full-time cleaner before I bought it and it doesn't ask for 28 days' holiday every year. I kept that person on and they're now making burgers and faggots it's not in my moral standards to get rid of someone like that. But you've got to reinvest in the business."

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