self cooking pie centre

Rational's new Self Cooking Center offers a range of features, including its Baking Mode, which ensures humidity, temperature and airflow regulation, with a degree of browning selection.

The Self Cooking Center checks the interior cooking space, making adjustments to the baking time even if the door is opened.

Different pies can be cooked at the same time with no crossover of flavour.

The Self Cooking Center can also pre-cook the pie fillings so they are tender and moist with minimal shrinkage and no loss of taste. Because the cooking process is automatic there is no risk of over- or undercooking, ensuring consistent results even when inexperienced staff are in charge.

The new ovens all have Care Control, a cleaning system that continuously monitors the cooking cabinet for dirt.

At the end of the day cleaning tabs are placed inside, the door is shut and the cleaning programme is set in motion.

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