GW double-walled containers reduce breakages

GW Containers & Equipment is the UK's only supplier of the Saeplast double-walled food container, which is available on purchase, rent or lease agreements.

The container is rotationally moulded and encompasses a doubled walled Polyethylene (PE) skin which is filled with Polyethylene expanded foam to ensure the container is durable, strong and the most robust plastic pallet box available.

The double-walled containers have been proven to reduce breakages, repair and cleaning costs, solving the problem of continuously replacing broken single walled pallet boxes, said the firm. Through case studies with customers, the containers have been shown to offer a far lower total cost of ownership due to their exceptionally long lifespan.

The polyethylene foam is completely non-porous, so does not absorb water or harbour contamination. The containers are also very hygienic due to smooth internal and external walls and bases, which means no hidden places for bacteria to form.

The containers can be printed with company logos, sequentially numbered and are available in a wide choice of colours.

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