AIMS Conference: Eblex offers abattoir support

Eblex trade marketing manager Phil Davies has told abattoir owners that the organisation is there for them in getting the message out about their meat.

Speaking at the Association of Independent Meat Suppliers (AIMS) annual conference on Saturday in Stratford-upon-Avon, Davies told delegates that working with local supply chains is a unique selling point for their businesses and that Eblex is on hand to give small and medium sized abattoirs any advice they may need.

He said: “You have one exceptional attribute, you can work in local supply chains and local supply chains believe me are flavour of the month not just environmentally but as far as the consumers (are) concerned, they are a huge potential going forward.”

Davies added: “Looking at what we do in the future and how we operate with your organisation in the future and how Eblex will do it - (we are) delivering a credible assurance scheme to the trade and that could be Red Tractor or our own quality standard mark. (We are) giving customers and consumers the assurance that we are not just operating to incredibly high standards but that has been independently monitored. We are looking to developing opportunity through export through the business development opportunity that will go on and you know wherever we can, all of this information, all of these services, all of this facility to facilitate new business is available to you and it is literally a phone call away.

"You are essential to our levy payers, in fact most of you are levy payers, so we are here for you. We are here to be used - if you don’t use it that’s down to you but we hope that you do, you have been incredibly supportive to us so far and we hope that whole scenario will continue.”

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