Nicholl making your trays green

Nicholl Food Packaging is continuing to expand its product portfolio to provide a complete packaging solution for customers in a wide variety of food sectors with the introduction of a range of trays that can be composted at home.

Roots Biopack Sugarcane Fibre Trays are manufactured from a renewable resource the by-product waste of sugar cane processes. The pulp extraction of natural fibre from the sugar cane dregs forms the board for the trays, which are hygienically treated to make them conform to food certification requirements. They are said to be completely compostable, in conformity with the EN-13432 standard.

The fibre trays provide an environmentally friendly packaging solution for a variety of food sectors, including poultry and meat. Suitable for use in microwaves and conventional ovens up to 175C for 30 minutes, the trays are also freezable to -40C.

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