Haulier concern for abattoir water shortage

Hauliers are calling on abattoir operators to ensure supplies of running water, after frozen conditions left many lorry drivers unable to wash down their vehicles.

The National Pig Association said drivers were left “deeply unhappy”, with many forced to make large detours to find a working pressure-washer before moving onto their next pick-up.

Abattoir operators are being urged to follow the example of pig producers, who, implementing contingency plans, have been delivering water by bowser to ensure there is a reliable source of water, even when temperatures have plunged by double digits.

Hauliers said plant operators should be taking hosepipes indoors during the winter nights and ensuring taps are protected with a thermal cover.

Stephen Rossides, director of the British Meat Processors Association, urged his members to take appropriate action: ““It is important that, in this very cold weather, abattoir operators ensure they are able to provide working running water facilities to ensure that lorries are properly washed down after delivering animals to plants.”

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