Vegetarian butcher’s shop opens in the Netherlands

Europe’s first vegetarian butcher’s shop has opened its door in Holland.

De Vegetarische Slager, based in The Hague, serves a mix of vegetable and meat replacement products, made from protein-rich lupin seeds. The venture is the idea of Jaap Korteweg, a lupin farmer, along with chef Marco Westmaas and partner Niko Koffeman, who is a Dutch politician for Party for the Animals.

Koffeman said: “Supermarkets and health food stores offer a growing variety of meat substitutes aimed at vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians [semi-vegetarians] and everyone else who has decided to eat less meat. Our dream was a store dedicated to meat substitutes in the same way a butcher is dedicated to meat.”

It is not known how successful the new store has been since it opened in mid-October, but it is thought that a nearby butcher has now started to stock the lupin-based products.

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