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It would be easy to poke fun at the vegans who took part in the recent 'Don't Eat Animals' debate in London, so why not? Heather Mills, whose desperation to pursue some kind of post-Macca career as an animal rights activist shouldn't really be funny, but is, appears to have missed the point about evolution entirely.

Apparently, we shouldn't eat meat because we do not have claws or teeth for jumping on animals and tearing them apart. No, we have evolved hands with opposable thumbs Ms Mills, with which to use tools to do the job. As for the teeth, last time I checked, mine were pretty good for chomping on a steak, although admittedly, I haven't attempted any throat-ripping of late.

One of the other speakers, Abbas Daneshvari, is an art historian, so equally as well-qualified to talk about meat as his former model fellow debater. He expressed the opinion that the only "crime" animals had committed was not having as much power as us, and didn't have a "spokesperson". However, shouldn't that be spokescow? Or spokespig?

The meat industry certainly has to shoulder a fair amount of brick-bats and missiles from the anti-meat-eating lobby, but as long as the champions of this movement remain the likes of Heather Mills, the happier I, and the industry, should remain. Heaven forbid the likes of Peta or Viva get themselves a credible and intelligent frontman or -woman. Or frontcow perhaps. Hang on...

Meanwhile, in other matters, confusion seems to have reigned when it comes to EU rulings on religious slaughter. According to various reports, the EU had rejected plans to call for compulsory labelling on these lines, yet no such condition was ever up for consideration and the origin of the various stories remains unclear. We shall keep you posted on any developments on that one.

In the meantime, this is our last issue before Christmas, so may we at MTJ wish you all a Merry Christmas and an excellent, and profitable, New Year.

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