Resounding success for Sausage Week

British Sausage Week, the promotional event arranged by Bpex, reached an audience of 416 million people. The week-long celebration of sausages also attracted media coverage worth 14.7m and was featured on television, radio, print and the web in a bid to reach the widest possible audience.

Tina Mullholland, from Bpex, said: "Our target for the week was to beat the average of the last three years' media coverage, of 11.3m. This was a tough challenge as, since 2002, the week has grown from 3.3m coverage to 9m in 2008 and then unexpectedly leapt to 15.7m in 2009 due to daily national radio mentions and long pieces of television coverage."

The event was also a success online, with a rise in Facebook followers to more than 18,000. also saw a surge in visitors to 40,000 per week, up 103% on the year before.

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