Festive beef sales increase predicted

The National Beef Association (NBA) has predicted another increase in beef sales this Christmas.

The organisation said that the meat was gaining ground on turkey by becoming a popular choice on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day.

It also said the festive period was a good time for people to vary the choice of cuts they consume.

Kim Haywood, NBA director, said: “Beef is emerging as the meat that dominates the Christmas break. Turkey is generally the choice on Christmas Day – but on each side of that it is beef that is the winner.

“The short days, and long nights of mid-winter, rekindle the spirit of the traditional Sunday lunch – even if it is not necessarily staged on a Sunday, or at lunch, but replicated instead, at millions of household tables when a sirloin steak, or succulent roast rib, takes centre stage.”

She added: “Everyday beef purchases tend to concentrate on quick cooking, convenience cuts, like mince or steak, which fit in with the rush created by a typical working week.”

“But the Christmas holiday is different and good butchers can show anyone who asks, exactly where, and how, every cut or joint in their display range can fit in with plans for either a low-key, high-value, family meal – or something much grander if the barrel is being rolled out for some top-class home entertainment.”

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