Meat caught in German egg scare

Officials in Germany have been quoted as saying the contaminated egg scare may have now spread to meat.

Germany’s Agriculture Ministry has admitted that a high concentration of poison has been found in meat after it emerged farm animals were given contaminated feed, Three chickens – out of 15 samples of chicken, turkey and pork meat – showed a concentration double the legal limit.

A spokesperson said the chicken meat had not been sold and that eating it “would not have been harmful in the short term since the contamination levels were so low”.

Around 5,000 farms have been shut across Germany and thousands of chickens culled after feed from a chemical company near Hamburg was tainted.

The European Commission has said, however, that there were no grounds for a ban on exports of German meat or other products.

There have now been calls for tough legal action against those responsible for contaminating food with dioxin.

Agriculture Minister Ilse Aigner said the conduct that led to excessive levels of the highly toxic chemical entering animal feed as a “criminal act,” saying: “This is a big blow for our farmers. They have totally innocently been dragged into this situation by the sick machinations of a few people.”

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