Birmingham study reveals wrapped chicken risk

Health bosses are warning consumers to wash their hands after handling chicken, even when it is wrapped in plastic.

The warning came after a study revealed that 40% of supermarket chicken samples were found to be contaminated with campylobactor, which can induce vomiting and diarrhoea .

The study, carried out by the food safety team at Birmingham council, surveyed 20 supermarkets, convenience stores and butcher’s shops across the city and found eight samples were contaminated on the outside of the packet.

Seven of the chickens were also found to be contaminated inside the wrapping, while one tested positive for salmonella. However, there was no link between those infected inside and outside the packaging.

The results of the study have now been passed onto major retail chains and also the Food Standards Agency, the Daily Mail reported.

Team manager Nick Lowe told the paper: “Our message to consumers is that handling the packaging should be regarded as just as likely to cause food poisoning as touching the raw meat.”

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