Council plans fat tax for takeaways

Officials in Oldham are considering imposing a £1,000 levy on new hot food takeaway shops.

Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council wants to control the spread of fast food outlets in the town, in a bid to address ‘community health issues’.

Mandarins want to tackle rising obesity problems and the density of kebab shops, curry houses and pizza restaurants and burger shops. It plans to forbid takeaways from being sited next door to each other and proposes a minimum of three shops between groups of takeaways.

Council bosses also recommended a possible one-off upfront payment of £1,000 to go towards the provision of new litter bins and/or the promotion of healthy eating.

There should also be no new planning permission granted to fast food shops which fall within 500 metres of a school, they said. A report to councillors states the latter two proposals may need lobbying to central government for a change in planning legislation to enable it to enforce the measures.

The proposals will be discussed at a full meeting of the council and follow similar plans in certain London boroughs that have been implemented.

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