Renderer rises from the ashes

Hughes and Son, the independent Lincolnshire-based renderer, has opened its newly built factory - after its existing faciility went up in flames last year.

The Skellingthorpe operator was left reeling when its entire processing operation and several factory buildings were destroyed by the blaze.

But now the company can boast a larger workforce and a new factory and fully operational rendering plant.

Gary Hancock, the managing director of the company, said the rebirth of the plant would not have been possible without the support of the UK Renderer’s Association (UKRA) and members of the Foodchain and Biomass Renewables Association (FABRA).

He said: “Their co-operation and help meant that we could preserve local jobs and it also meant that we were able to maintain a continuity of customer service in the face of something that could have potentially finished us.”

Hancock added: “We are bigger and better than before and feel like a phoenix that has risen from the ashes.

“The future looks very promising.  As a family owned business, it’s really exciting that we are now back on track.  We offer fixed price contracts to enable our customers to accurately predict disposal costs with confidence.  And in recognition of the current economic climate we have assisted customers to weather the storm by not increasing our prices in the last three years. 

“It is this commitment to delivering exactly what the customer wants – excellent customer service, reliability and cost effectiveness – that will ensure our future success.”

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