Soil Association hits out at “mega” pig farm

Organic bosses have shifted attack on to a proposed new pig farm, following the collapse of plans to create a super-dairy facility in Nocton.

Emma Hockridge, head of policy at the Soil Association, welcomed the news that the plans for the Nocton farm had been pulled, but warned of the dangers of other “mega-farms”.

“This is good news. Nocton was a potential animal welfare disaster and highlighted the way in which our farming systems have become increasingly divorced from what nature intended. Treating animals as little more than factory commodities raises serious questions about both the ethics and the resilience of our present systems for feeding ourselves.

“But this is one down, one to go. There is another planned ‘mega’ farm in Derbyshire – an intensive pig unit for 2,500 mother pigs (sows) and around 20,000 piglets which will spend all of their lives indoors. We hope that, in light of this withdrawal of the Nocton mega-dairy application, that Midland Pig Producers will not re-submit their planning application to Derbyshire County Council.”

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