Breaking News: FSA publishes official controls cost data

The Food Standards Agency has today published additional information on the costs of delivering meat hygiene official controls to meat plants across the UK.

It claimed this information would enable anyone with an interest in this area to see the breakdown of costs and understand how charges to industry are calculated.

Details of the charges are online here.

The costs are being presented to the Meat Hygiene Charging Stakeholder Group this week and show that total costs for the period 2011/12 will be £55m, made up of £44.7m direct costs, and a further £10.3m indirect costs.

The presentation will claim that the OV rate has reduced £2.70 as indirect costs are falling, the MHI rate will climb by £0.90 because of pension deficit costs totalling £4.7m for industry (an increase of £2.5m), however the FSA highlights that the MHI rate, excluding pension costs, would have fallen £3.20.

It will tell the stakeholder group that food business operators currently receiving a discount will not see an increase in charges.

The presentation claims indirect costs have fallen from £13.3m in 2010/11 to £10.3m in 11/12.

It said costs not included in the review included, operations dealing with Local Authorities, meat related policy costs, some IT costs, Food Safety Group and devolved office costs.

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