Theme song needed for pig campaign

Pig farmers have launched a search to find an anthem for the Pigs Are Still Worth it! campaign to follow on from the success of “Stand By Your Ham”.

The campaign, which is being backed by MTJ, is aiming to improve returns to farmers who are losing around £20 per pig following the recent rocketing prices of feed.

In 2008 when pig farmers last campaigned for a price increase “Stand By Your Ham,” written and recorded by a group of 30 pig farmers from around the country, attracted huge amounts of publicity and support.  Watch the video here

The campaign eventually helped secure a fair price for pig farmers, returning them to profit. 

Pig farmers’ leaders are now calling for suggestions for a new campaign anthem to convey the message that pig farmers are experiencing losses due to high feed prices while supermarkets and processors are making substantial profits from pork and pork products. 

Early suggestions for a new campaign anthem include:

·       Twist and Snout
·       From Rasher with Love
·       Whole “Trotta” Love

Barney Kay of the National Pig Association, one of the lead singers on “Stand by Your Ham”, said, “It really caught people’s imagination and helped them understand that British pig farming was worth saving. 

“Now we are looking for another anthem to do the same. The situation is, if anything, worse than in 2008 as feed prices look set to stay high for the foreseeable future. Most farmers are currently losing around £20 per pig produced and many face the prospect of going out of business. 

“We are calling on supermarkets and processors to pass a fair price back down the chain. And we’re asking consumers to show their support by continuing to buy high welfare, Red Tractor pork, sausages, bacon and ham.”

The winning song will be selected from nominations and performed live at pig farmers’ forthcoming rally in Westminster on 3rd March and released online soon after.  

Email your suggestions into the editor of MTJ, to be passed on to campaign organisers.

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