Festival of Scotch Lamb

This week marks the launch of the "Festival of Scotch Lamb", the annual lamb marketing drive from Quality Meat Scotland (QMS).

The festival is a £200,000 campaign aimed at getting Scots to rediscover the taste and versatility of Scotch Lamb during autumn, when it is at its most succulent. The campaign will feature high-profile advertising, in-store promotions and the launch of a collection of new lamb recipes.

Speaking at the launch, cabinet secretary for rural affairs and the environment, Richard Lochhead said: "Scotland has a world-renowned reputation for high-quality produce, and lamb is a shining example of that tradition. I would encourage all Scots to tuck into the best of Scotch Lamb this autumn and support our home-grown producers.

"Our national food and drink policy - the first-ever in Scotland - aims to ensure the freshest, finest future for Scottish produce. Our farmers help to underpin our economy and, by eating lamb, consumers are helping support communities and jobs across rural Scotland."

Scottish consumers traditionally eat less lamb than those in England and Wales, although recent figures suggest that lamb is beginning to make a comeback, with a 22% rise in consumption.

QMS chairman Donald Biggar said: "There has been a groundswell of support for Scotland's farmers, as people realise the importance of ensuring a sustainable future for our food producers and strengthening national food security.

"We still only eat half as much lamb as our neighbours in England and Wales and there are still many people that were put off lamb in their childhood and have never tasted it again, so we're calling out to everyone in Scotland to go out and ask for this month's hot product, Scotch Lamb."

Sales of Scotch Lamb increased by 26% during the first three months of the Festival last year.

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