Bernard Matthews Ad Campaign

Bernard Matthews Farms has announced a new advertising campaign, which aims to communicate the company's farming heritage and dispel myths surrounding the brand.

The company is investing nearly £3m in national press, poster and TV advertising this autumn, under the communications platform 'Proud to Work at Bernard Matthews Farms'. The ads feature people who work for Bernard Matthews Farms - from farming to production.

The first stage of the three-phase campaign will break on 22 September and features individuals who work in the company's agricultural team. The staff are pictured in a rural setting, holding banners with messages such as 'all our turkeys are born and bred in Britain'.

Throughout the campaign, the ads will identify the individuals pictured and their role, carry the new Bernard Matthews Farms logo and the sign-off 'proud to work at Bernard Matthews Farms'.

Bernard Matthews Farms marketing director Matt Pullen said: "Our 'Pride' campaign is all about communicating our new identity, our rural roots and our new product ranges. Most importantly, though, it's about reassuring people about the company.

"We have a tradition of using real people in our advertising and it feels right to do so again. Some of our people have been with us for over 30 years and all who star in the ads volunteered for the job. They are genuinely proud to work for the company and they can put our message across with sincerity and in the right tone.

"We want to create a jolt with this campaign and get people to take a fresh look at Bernard Matthews Farms. We're good at what we do and we want consumers to know that, too."

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