Meat factory back in business

Food company Marfrig is to launch a beef production line for the UK market at a historical former meat export hub in Uruguay.

The Anglo abattoir in Fray Bentos, Uruguay, one-time home of the world-famous Fray Bentos Pie corned beef and pie range, has been refurbished and is said to be ready for full production in the coming weeks.

Julio Bonizzi, plant manager, said: "We've already begun contracting personnel and cattle should begin arriving in the next few weeks. Later we will target the US market."

Now one of the largest beef producers in the world, Brazilian Marfrig bought Moy Park this summer and are concentrating into tapping the UK market with the first shipments of cooked beef arriving in the UK in the form of ten pound packs.

Fray Bentos mayor Omar Lafluf said: "With so many problems and issues to solve, the re-opining of the corned beef plant is great news for Fray Bentos, a brand world known which again will be in the market."

The town of Fray Bentos is situated near to border of Argentina in the west and was a major trading port of beef to the UK after German firm Liebig Extract of Meat Company set up operations there in the 19th century.

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