Retro renaissance

Retro foods such as a Chicken Kiev, Beef Stroganoff and Steak Diane have seen a revival of fortunes in the recession.

The breaded chicken breast stuffed with melted garlic butter was one of the first chilled ready-meal to be introduced to the UK market. Once regarded as the height of sophistication, it was later relegated as the epitome of 80s naffness.

However retro dishes are enjoying a revival in austerity Britain with Kiev sales at Marks & Spencer up 25%, while Tesco reported an increase of 20% over the last year.

Sales of Steak Diane and Beef Stroganoff have seen a surge in demand, with sales up 40% at Tesco.

Suzanne Wetherall, of Marks & Spencer said: “We’ve seen an unprecedented revival in retro foods this year, as shoppers want to enjoy foods from their childhood once more. Chicken kiev remains a clear favourite, but pies, casseroles and toad in the hole are fast catching up.”


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