ANM Group unites agri-businesses

Scottish-based farming co-operative ANM Group has united its Scottish and Yorkshire Premier meat processors under one umbrella organisation.

The foundation of ANM Meat Division will bring three existing companies together into one integrated business. Scotch Premier Meat, Yorkshire Premier Meat and Charcuterie will use their combined strengths to source fully traceable, quality products throughout the business.

David Fleetwood, managing director of ANM Meat Division, said: “By bringing the three companies together to operate as one division, we now have a  unique combination of expertise, experience and capacity which can meet customers’ requirements and offer value.”

As part of the initiative, Charcuterie has launched its first retail range under the label Scotch Premier. The range includes sliced and whole haggis and black puddings, with mini-breakfast packs of Lorne sausage, black pudding and white pudding.

Founded in 1872, ANM Group is one of Europe’s biggest farmer-owned co-operatives, with over 7,000 farmer-shareholders. It supplies butchers, wholesalers, caterers and processors across the UK, and exports beef to the Netherlands, Italy, Cyprus, Hong Kong and Sweden.


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