NFU condemns DNA-tag cattle fraud

The NFU has renewed its commitment to working with Defra to eradicate bovine TB and condemned frauds, which have allegedly seen healthy cattle sent to slaughter in place of TB-positive animals.

It welcomed the DNA-tagging policy for cattle that test positive for TB.

NFU president Peter Kendall said he was deeply concerned by the emerging evidence that some cattle-farmers in the south west and the Midlands have been swapping DNA ear-tags of TB-positive animals and sending less productive animals to slaughter instead.

“If there is any proven unlawful activity, then I unequivocally condemn any behaviour involving the deliberate switching of the identity of animals following a positive TB test," he said. "It is simply wrong.”

“In my discussions with farmers I have seen nothing other than an overwhelming commitment and desire to want to get this dreadful disease under control. That is why we are putting in an enormous amount of time and effort to developing an effective eradication plan.”

The investigation into the alleged fraud was instigated by Gloucestershire Trading Standards, which reviewed TB cattle sent to two slaughterhouses.


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