Butcher's dead dog found in freezer

A mourning butchers unusual method for storing his dead pet dog has sparked ugly rumours across a Lincolnshire town.

According to reports in the Boston Standard, an un-named butcher was found to be storing his dead Jack Russel’s body in a commercial freezer, prior to burial. Environmental health officers discovered the dog’s body after acting on a lead.

The premises are reported to now be closed, and the council said in a statement to the paper that a formal caution has been issued to the butcher ‘after reports that, following the death of his much-loved pet Jack Russell dog, he had kept the animal in a commercial freezer awaiting burial’.

It added: “The pet was wrapped in a blanket and placed in a separate box and posed no risk to public health. All of the contents of the freezer were destroyed using a licensed waste contractor. The distraught butcher concerned closed immediately and has since ceased trading.”

However, the story has sparked ugly rumours across the town, with Facebook claims suggesting a local Chinese restaurant had been closed following the discovery of the dog in its freezer, and other restaurant owners receiving abusive phone clals.

The council has now been forced to issue a statement defending local foodservice outlets. Trevor Darnes, principal environmental health officer, told the Boston Standard: “I would like to reassure members of the public that the council has not received any recent complaints or allegations relating to food safety matters at local Chinese restaurants.”

He added: “It is disappointing to hear such rumours at a time when small businesses are having such a difficult time. There is no reason to avoid Chinese food.”

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