Fat tax proposed for meat

European politicians have announced plans to introduce a “fat tax” on meat, which will apply across the European Union.

The move would see a sliding scale applied to meat products, dependent on their obesity-causing properties, with lean beef incurring the lowest 5% tariff, while pork would sit at the other end with a 20% tax hike.

Processed meat products would face a uniform 25% tax tariff, increasing the cost of the Big Mac and the popular bacon buttie.

A spokesman for the European Commission, said: “People are getting fatter and while we have no real grounds to suggest that meat is driving that trend upwards, we’ve decided to act anyway.

“These proposals are likely to take effect in 12 months’ time, quite possibly to the day.”

A spokesman for the British Union of Redmeat Processors, reacted angrily to the news: “This move beggars belief. Meat is part of a healthy balanced diet and to add a ‘fat tax’ is disproportionate to the impact meat consumption has on the diet.

“We will be lobbying hard to try and have this decision overturned, and we call on the entire UK meat industry to unite to fight this unfair, disgraceful suggestion.”

John Mercer, chief livestock advisor with the National Farmers’ Union, declined to comment.

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