New greenhouse gas plan revealed

Organisations representing the agricultural industry have launched a joint Greenhouse Gas Action Plan (GHGAP) setting out how they will reduce its emissions.

They plan to slash greenhouse gas emissions by three million tonnes of CO2 equivalents from 2018-2022 without compromising domestic production.

The plan focuses on ways farmers can reach the target by 2020, while saving costs and without compromising production. The government will review progress made by the industry next year.

Speaking at the action plan’s launch in Westminster, Agriculture Minister Jim Paice said: “Our farmers are making an important commitment to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and we will continue to support them to achieve this. I’d really like to see the industry seizing this opportunity and I look forward to seeing real action in farms across the country
NFU vice-president Gwyn Jones said: “The main focus of our Action Plan concerns how farmers and growers can become more efficient, producing more with fewer resources and fewer emissions. This is good news for farm businesses and good news for the environment. By optimising our production efficiency, we can actually reduce emissions per unit of output.

“Our objectives are consistent with the recent UK Foresight Report on the future of food and farming. We strongly believe that ‘sustainable intensification’ will enable us to produce more with a reduced impact on the planet.”

Professor Ian Crute, chief scientist at AHDB, said: “Enabling farmers and growers simultaneously to elevate efficiency and achieve reductions in GHG emissions is a high strategic priority for AHDB. The GHG Action Plan provides the framework for AHDB to enhance its working relationships with other organisations in delivery of its ‘Roadmaps’ and associated initiatives.

“Our work on farm shows that more efficient farm businesses have reduced costs at the same time as lowering greenhouse gas emissions per unit of production, so there are clear business and environmental benefits to farmers and growers.”

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