Radio blunder leaves chef a little angry

Celebrity Chef Heston Blumenthal was left furious after a radio DJ told listeners that Little Chef had closed for business.

Johnny Vaughan told the 700,000 listeners of this Capital Radio show that all 170 Little Chef restaurants had been closed with immediate effect.

Callers flooded Capital Radio's lines during the show to inform Vaughan that he was wrong, and famous British chain is in fact very much alive and well.

Little Chef - which is currently celebrating its 50th anniversary - was quick to point out that it has just announced a profit increase of 8% for the summer trading period and far from closing restaurants, opened a new branch in Shiptonthorpe last week.

Blumenthal is currently filming a series for Channel 4 which will see him radically transform a Little Chain branch in an attempt to bolster profits. If his venture is successful, the changes might be rolled out across the whole chain.

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