ABP plant given go-ahead

Anglo Beef Processors (ABF), the meat processing group, has finally been given permission to double the size of its North Shropshire abattoir.

Shropshire County Council has told ABP it can go ahead with the development at Hordley near Ellesmere –  which will include demolishing much of the existing plant and replacing it with a modern abattoir.

The company had faced significant opposition from local residents, who had opposed the development for more than a year.

Campaigners had claimed that a larger plant would mean increased traffic problems in the area, in addition to increased noise and air pollution.

However, ABP has convinced planners that the development would be a benefit to staff and animals and was designed so that it would not cause additional traffic and pollution problems.

The new plant, at 4,500sq metres and employing 700 staff, will be one of the largest and best-equipped in Europe.

When ABP made its original application, it said in a statement: “In order to meet the ever-increasing standards required by governing bodies, standards agencies and customers, it has become necessary to review the animal lairage and abattoir standards at the Ellesmere site.

“Both elements are in danger of being considered sub-standard – and hence the real need for the proposed development. The redevelopment is vital for the long-term future of operations on the site.”

In supporting the expansion, council planners had said in an earlier report: “The principle of an expansion of an existing business is supported and encouraged.”

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