Pig farmers to get tough with retailers

Angry pig farmers are stepping up their campaign for greater support and are warning three of the UK top retailers will soon find themselves running low on British pigmeat products.

Campaigning farmers, led by the National Pig Association, said Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s were failing to respond to calls for greater support for the sector - at present, pig farmers are losing around £18 on every pig produced.

The NPA is now warning that shoppers may begin to struggle to buy all the British pork, sausages and bacon they want next week, because sufficient supplies will not be available.

Stewart Houston, NPA chairman told Pig World: “We warned them this would happen, but they refused too listen. They are fixated on their own short-term margins.”

He said that if producers do not return to break-even in the next few weeks the industry will increasingly be unable to meet demand for British pork and pork products.

The Pigs Are Still Worth It Campaign is now going to kick up a gear, with plans to push for increased exposure of pig farmers plight across the media and the NPA and British Pig Industry Support Group are to work together to “aggressively confront” retailers.

NPA will be writing to retailers to call for action or face a “drop in” at their offices from farmers, and the BPISG is intending to carry out its first protest with a mass rally outside Asda’s head office in Leeds.

The current “Banner Blitz” campaign, which has seen banners expressing pro-British production slogans displayed around the country, is also being stepped up with new slogans directly attacking Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s planned.

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