Cranswick to ship pork to the US

Pig processor Cranswick has cracked the tough American market after its Preston site was accredited by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

The accreditation comes after the company completed a major project of the fresh pork processing plant, which increased capacity by 50% and introduced robotic technology.

It paves the way for Cranswick to export specific pig products to the US market, and take advantage of substantial price differentials in pork value in the US. 

Adam Couch, Cranswick’s new chief operating officer, said: “This could be quite a significant revenue stream. It has good prospects.

“Depending on the time of year, you are looking at 20-35% more [in the US].”

Although the US is a new exporter of pork, it imports up to 400,000 tonnes of its most popular pork cuts, much of it from Europe.

Cranswick, which processes Jamie Oliver’s branded sausages, has seen strong profits over the last year, but it is still cautious about the future.

Bernard Hoggarth, Cranswick’s chief executive, said: “There has been financial pressure on the British pig farming sector, following a significant and sustained rise in the price of feed on the back of higher ingredients prices. Pig prices are currently rising and further increases cannot be ruled out.”


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