Asda invests in quality

Asda is investing £27m in a bid to enhance the quality of its meat and fresh food offer across the UK.

Part of the scheme has seen the retailer introduce what it describes as “market-leading butchery specifications” on all its fresh meat, which it claims has improved taste, tenderness and succulence.

Asda said the new butchery specifications were developed in response to customer feedback and include things such as trimming more fat from steaks and maturing beef for longer.

Andy Clarke, Asda president and CEO, said: “Having successfully completed the roll-out of Chosen by You, we are now embarking on the next phase of our quality programme. We are investing £27m in introducing market-leading quality specifications across all of our fresh meat and produce.

“And through a combination of significantly more quality controls on our farms and in our depots, and by removing unnecessary middlemen along the way, we’ve been able to enhance the quality of our fresh food and keep prices low for customers.”

In-store staff are also undergoing training to ensure more regular checks are carried out at the point of sale to ensure the best produce is offered through the day.

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