Good weather and Royal Wedding boost BBQ sales

A staggering £81.3m worth of burgers, grills and sausages were sold in eight weeks around Easter and the Royal Wedding.

Sales of burgers, grills and sausages all saw significant spikes compared to Easter 2010, with a 15.3% more burgers sold, at 17,159 tonnes in total, and 9.8% more sausages, or 31,581 tonnes. Over that period, the actual value of the burgers sold increased by 17.2% and 5.5% for sausages.

Richard Cullen, consumer insight manager for Eblex and Bpex, said: “The exceptionally good weather over the Easter period meant many people opted for a barbecue at a time of year we would perhaps associate more closely with roasts.

“Barbecues do start to affect the volumes around Easter normally if the weather is not too bad, but because it was exceptionally good, and we had the wedding during the same period as well, it seems to have driven a strong rise in consumption of traditional barbecue fare, such as burgers, grill and sausages.”

Conversely it appears that the good weather and extra Bank Holidays have had the reverse effect on lamb, with reports the category suffered from a 37% slump in sales over the period.

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