BPC to develop training template
Published:  10 June, 2011

The British Poultry Council (BPC) has announced its commitment to raise the profile of the industry and set a template for recruitment, education and training for the future.

The organisation said the industry – which recruits around 30,000 people and is worth £46bn per year – should build on its training successes like the poultry passport and the Poultry Meat Training Initiative (PMTI).

It held a seminar to discuss the issues surrounding training in London yesterday, where the organisation’s chairman John Reed declared: “People are our greatest asset.”

He added: “Sustainability for this sector is built upon the skills and commitment of our people and success in the future means keen young people starting in the industry today.

“We already offer apprenticeships and scholarships, but now we need to influence how poultry is taught in colleges and universities. We must support the educators and give them the confidence to keep poultry on their syllabus.”

The BPC has pledged to work alongside Improve, Food & Drink Qualifications and leading colleges to develop new training requirements with the industry.

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