Stephens Fresh Foods earns Red Tractor status
Published:  20 June, 2011

Stephens Fresh Foods (SFF) has earned Red Tractor status for a premium cooked gammon ham.

The Red Tractor assurance scheme not only covers pig farms and feed but also livestock transportation, the slaughtering process and production methods

SFF said it endeavours to promote locally produced goods, utilising locally sourced raw materials and distributed through local supply chains, wherever possible.

Steve Leadbitter, chairman, said: “We’ve been working closely with the people at Red Tractor to show that a cooked meat business like ours, can add the approved status to our sliced ham and our whole ham, prepared and produced to the Red Tractor standard. This has been made possible by collaboration with a number of our core suppliers, who in turn have gained Red Tractor recognition.

“It has been a huge and very rewarding investment. We believe Red Tractor Assurance is particularly relevant and appropriate to our business. It helps us to adopt a transparent approach, covering food safety and hygiene, animal welfare and environmental protection. We operate in the fast-moving foodservice industry where suppliers need to be confident about the meat products they are buying; the Red Tractor logo does just that. It assures them it’s safe to eat and that high welfare standards have been followed.”

Anita Roberts, head of assurance from Red Tractor, said: “We’ve been impressed by the effort SFF has put into gaining Red Tractor status – it shows a real commitment to great food and great farming.”

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