HCC welcomes review of Welsh food legislation system

The Welsh meat industry has welcomed the announcement that the Assembly is considering setting up a devolved system of food legislation in response to the Food Standard Agency’s (FSA) full-cost recovery plans for meat inspections.

A spokesman for the Welsh meat marketing body, Hybu Cig Cymru (HCC), said: “The implication of the FSA’s proposals are potentially huge for the industry. We therefore welcome any review that examines the current situation and which will result in a solution that benefits the industry while also protecting the interests of consumers.”

First Minister Carwyn Jones confirmed that the Welsh Assembly is considering the feasibility of such a move during questions in the Senedd on Tuesday. 

Jones said: “A report has recently been published, not on abattoirs but on the way in which food legislation is used in Wales.

“We will consider all aspects of the work of the FSA in order to ensure that new legislation is put before the Assembly to deal with all aspects of food in Wales.”

The Welsh decision comes just a week after the Scottish Executive revealed that an independent expert panel had been set up to consider the future delivery of the food standards regime in Scotland. It said the move followed the UK government’s decision last year to absorb some of the policy areas overseen in England by the Food Standards Agency (FSA), a UK-wide body, back into Whitehall departments.

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