Irish prefer steaks well-done

Nearly half of Northern Ireland's meat-eaters prefer their steaks well-done, according to a survey by LMC.

In findings conducted by the Livestock and Meat Commission for Northern Ireland (LMC), 47% of consumers interviewed said they preferred their steak well cooked, without any pink, while only 10% preferred their steak medium-rare.

LMC marketing director Naomi Waite said: "Most people are pretty particular as to how they like their steak cooked. Some of us like it well-done while others say the more red and rare the better! It is simply down to personal taste."

The survey also revealed that the traditional steak is as popular as ever in Northern Ireland, with 90% of the consumers questioned saying that they really enjoy eating steaks.

It also suggested that consumers put a particular emphasis on the provenance of the meat.

"What is vitally important is the quality of the meat and, therefore, consumers should choose Northern Ireland Farm Quality Assured, whereby they can be assured of the highest quality production standards and therefore the taste," said Waite.

"After that, really, however the steak is cooked, it should taste fantastic."

The LMC recommends that a well-done steak should take 4.5 minutes' cooking time on each side in a lightly oiled pan, plus one minute of resting time. To check the steak is well done, the LMC suggests clenching a fist and comparing thumb muscle between the thumb and the index finger which should feel like the texture of the desired cook of the meat.

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