Animal rights campigners in pig plant protest

Midlands Pig Producers controversial plans to open up a new site in Derbyshire have been attacked by animal rights protesters.

The company has applied to Derbyshire County Council for permission to open a news 2,500 sow unit on 30 acres near Foston. The site, which would have an integral biogas plant to generate energy, would produce 1,000 piglets a week.

However, Derby Animal Rights supporters marched through the centre of Derby on 13 August in a protest against the development.

The council has already received 12,000 objections to the unit.

Derby Animal Rights say they are concerned about the welfare of the pigs on the site, the potential risks to human health, damage to the local environment  and damage to more traditional farms in the  area.

But MPP has defended the development, saying that animal welfare is a top priority for the company. Special farrowing crates that allow the pigs extra room will be installed at the site. MPP has also said systems to stop smells escaping will be built into the unit.

They also claim that the site will also be a boost to the local economy, with at least 20 new jobs created. Derbyshire County Council will decide on the application in the autumn.

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