Exports continue to rise, latest figures show

Beef and lamb exports continue to grow apace, while imports continue to fall, according to latest figures from the government.

Worldwide exports of beef from the UK are up almost 40% from January to June 2011, compared to the same period last year, according to new data from HMRC, with a total of 67,348t of fresh and frozen beef sold to other countries.
Lamb exports, already strong in recent years at around 30% of production, have risen by an additional 5.8% worldwide, to 41,296t. In terms of value, beef exports are up 33% and lamb 13%.
In comparison, imports of beef are down 2.69% and sheep meat 18% by volume.
“The latest figures are more good news for the English beef and sheep meat sector and continue the general upward trend we have seen for exports since restrictions were lifted in 2006,” said Peter Hardwick, Eblex head of trade development.
“The work to open additional export markets continues and is reaping benefits as more countries are able to import quality beef and lamb from England.
“Ultimately, this will help support a sustainable price for our domestic producers and processors.”

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