Garlic could eliminate cattle GHG

Adding garlic to cow feed could substantially reduce greenhouse emissions created by cattle methane, according to research by Aberystwyth University.

Researchers have fed cows feed enriched with a garlic compound called Allicin – which kills off methane-producing bacteria in the digestive system.

The result: a 25% reduction in emissions from methane could be achieved, claimed Dr Kenton Hart a team member, who now works at Harper Adams University College.

Experts claim that cows are responsible for about 3% of Britain’s greenhouse gases.

Meanwhile, tests continue at Aberystwyth and the company is planning to sell the product as a feed additive within 12 months. “The evidence is there and has been tested scientifically through controlled experiments,” said Hart.

Environmental concerns about methane are grown given the World Health Organisation predicts global meat consumption could double by 2050.

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