Competitions for pie-making butchers announced

Yorkshire-based butchers will have the opportunity to compete for regional recognition for their pies, black puddings and burgers, at the great Yorkshire pork pie, sausage and products competition, which will be held on 20 November in Bradford.

The annual event, which is organised by the Confederation of Yorkshire Butchers Councils hopes to attract hundreds of entries to compete in the bake-off.

The categories include three pork pie classes (traditional, stand and speciality cold eating pies), three sausage categories (thick, thin and speciality), black pudding and beefburgers. There is also a best newcomers competition, to encourage young butchers entering the meat trade.

Confederation president David Lishman said: “Independent butchers are going through changing times. However, we are the experts, the craftsmen of our trade and the way forward is to continue to do what we do best. We produce the best meat products and know how to mature and cook meat better than anyone else in the trade. We must continue to capitalise on our experience and service.

“The Great Yorkshire competition is a high-profile showcase for the county’s butchers to demonstrate just how good they are at hand-crafting pork pies, sausages, black puddings and beef burgers. We hope as many of them as possible will enter. Not only is it a great competition with plenty of accolades to be won, but also many butchers also learn a great deal from the experience and there is a valuable opportunity to network with other butchers and suppliers to the trade.”

There is also the opportunity of butchers north of the border to compete in the World Scotch Pie Championship, now in its 13th year.

The event will be held at Carnegie College, Dunfermline, with judging on 15 November and the prizes awarded at a celebration lunch in January.

Buckhaven-based baker and butcher, Alan Stuart, who is organising the event, said: “In these difficult times, we believe that success in competitions like ours can help tremendously to bring your business to local and national prominence.

“Customers are ever more intent on seeking out best value linked with quality and, although price matters, real value for money matters more.

“Success in competitions displays clearly to your customers that your products are the best.”

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